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  • Our blog posts will help you stay on top of what's happening with furniture for technology, specifically regarding mobile device solutions, radiology furniture and standing desks. Take a look to learn something new!
    Success Story - Shoe Carnival
    See how Shoe Carnival uses Anthro’s Shop About carts in each of their retail outlets.
    Anthro Introduces Steve's Station Essential
    All the essential features you need, at a very competitive price.
    30 Years of Anthro ... 30 Days of Memories
    Photos capture a moment, memories want to be shared. Check in daily for memories.
    Travelex Rolls Cash onto Concourse
    Travelex Currency Exchange’s unique use of Anthro’s mobile POS cart.
    Ruffles, Party Planner Extraordinaire
    Join Ruffles as he plans Anthro’s 30th Birthday Party.
    Anthro’s 30th Birthday $30,000 Giveaway
    We’re saying Thank You to loyal supporters with six $5,000 shopping sprees!
    Anthro Marks 30th Birthday with The Peanut
    Our new teeny, mobile laptop/tablet stand is a tough nut to crack!
    Bringing Bright Ideas to the Table
    See how Anthro’s standing desk helped Rejuvenation’s Heidi Whitcomb soothe aches.
  • Anthro Halloween 2014
    Trickster Ruffles dons a series of disguises in a scheme to maximize his Halloween haul!
    Ruffles, Party Planner Extraordinaire
    Join Ruffles as he plans Anthro’s 30th Birthday Party.
    The Best Things About the Yes Carts
    See how Anthro’s YES Carts keep up with your tech changes.
    Will I Break Them?
    Find out how rugged our YES Cart bay dividers are as Anthro’s “junior testers” put them through the paces.
  • You Ask.
    We Deliver.
    We constantly strive to provide innovative technology solutions for mobile devices, radiology, height-adjustable workstations, and much more. Here's a sample of our latest and greatest.
  • Since 1984, we've been committed to providing the highest quality furniture for technology, with exceptional customer service as our number one priority.
    Most of our products ship in 2-3 weeks, and some get out the door in just 2-3 business days! Regardless of your timeline, we’ll make it work.
    Our mission is to design furniture for technology that keeps you comfortable and productive.
    Our products are built to last, and we stand behind them 110%. There’s no such thing as a customer service hassle here at Anthro.
    Because our products are designed in the same place they’re manufactured, we control the quality and on-time delivery of every product and every order.
  • What's Up with the Pugs?
    Ruffles and his little sister Dolly are Anthro's beloved pugs-in-residence. When they're not welcoming guests or searching for dropped crumbs, they frequently model for us in photo shoots. Luckily, neither is too much of a prima donna.