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Shocked by the sticker price?
We understand.
They’re expensive, and we want to tell you why they're worth every penny.
Our legs are tested in an acoustic chamber to ensure they’re quiet as they move up and down. They’re also controlled by a central system, so they'll never jolt or stall.
Our top surfaces are made of high-grade substrate covered with durable finishes applied by our state-of-the-art laminating processes. Our desks stand the test of time.
Anthro offers a Lifetime Warranty on our desks and a full two years on the electrical system. We stand behind our products, and you.
Our products are made in America. You know exactly where it was designed and manufactured: at our corporate headquarters right outside of Portland, Oregon.
High quality is increasingly difficult to find, but at Anthro, those words still mean something. Our employees have the right to say “no” if a product doesn’t meet our standards.

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