Electric Standing Desks

One Step Ahead!
Movement is crucial to staying comfortable, alert and healthy. That’s why an exceptional sit-to-stand desk is never an extravagance - let us tell you why!

Our three families of adjustable desks offer you different sizes, weight-capacity, and mobility features. And they all have one thing in common – they help you MoveMore!
Elevate II
The Elevate II family is the office dweller’s dream. Available in beautiful colors, four sizes, and a single and double surface, the Elevate II is our most popular standing desk.
Unique Features
Color Choices
Budget Friendly
Elevate Original
The Elevate Original family is heavy-duty, robust and mobile. It can be easily configured for lab and industrial environments.
Unique Features
Range of Sizes
Steve's Station
The Steve’s Station family is sophisticated and strong. It has a built-in safety system, a substantial height range, single and double surfaces, and concealed cable management.
Unique Features
Feature Rich
Holds Up to 375 lbs.
Would it help to compare all of Anthro’s family members side-by-side? No problem!