Fixed-Height Standing Desks

Classic, No-Frills Adjustability
Sometimes you just need a simple standing desk that’s comfortable as well as affordable. Choose from two families of fixed-height desks (combined with an adjustable keyboard caddy) for a solution that pleases your body and budget.
The original AnthroCart is mobile, strong and modular. The small desks-- perfect for a computer-- hold 150 pounds, and are available in six sizes. Configure the cart exactly how you want it by choosing from a long list of accessories.
Unique Features
Small Size Options
Classic, No-Frills Look
Fit Standard
The Fit Standard is Anthro's most customizable desk. Use the modular design of the Fit Standard to configure a solution that makes the most out of your space. As your needs change, add, remove or relocate shelves and options.
Unique Features
Large 3" Casters
Integrated Cable Tray