Quality is never an extravagance

The moment you experience the solid construction and smooth elevation of a MoveMore table, you’ll understand our truly justifiable price. We use superior components, the finest finishes, and give you bend-over-backwards service. You can be confident that a MoveMore table is worth every penny!

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Even More Reasons

Green Commitment
Reduce, reuse, and recycle are three words that each Anthro employee takes to heart. We are proud to be honored as one of the Best Green Companies to work for in Oregon year after year.
RoHS Compliant
No Maintenance Required
Intertek Approved
Backed by ISO-9001

We Love Hearing from Satisfied Customers!

We have to make sure that the workspace is customizable to each individual….Once we deployed these types of desks, most of the physical complaints pretty much dissipated.”

 ~ Dennis Garcia, Manager at UCLA Medical Center
Mobile Nations has a policy: you write a million words, and they buy you a standup desk as a reward. I run WPCentral from the ultimate standing desk.”

 ~ Daniel Rubino, Editor of WPCentral.com
Clean lines, aesthetically appealing, it provides me with a rewarding feedback loop of function, tactile feel and responsiveness that feel akin to the best Apple products.”

 ~ Mark Frost, Co-Creator of Twin Peaks